Flat Bet: Is it the Best Type of Strategy?

February 27, 2024 by TJ Gacura

OKBet Flat Betting

There is an abundance of betting strategies, and one basic bet type is flat bet. To those who do not know, this is where the amount on each stake is fixed. It doesn’t matter if the odds are great, about the potential payout, or even previous results. With the wager being consistent, is this the best type of strategy in online gambling? Well, it is time for you to find out.

Getting to Know What is a Flat Bet

We all know that flat betting is a strategy that allows players to control the amount of money they have in their bankroll, and that is to bet a fixed amount. However, it is not just about wagering an amount that you, as a player, want. There is a process in flat betting or “fixed betting strategy,” which is determining the 1 – 5 percent of your total bankroll.

The formula goes like this:

Total amount of bankroll ÷ Desired flat betting percentage

Take note that the duration of the strategy will depend on the player. It could be a week or even a year if they deem it profitable.

Here is an example:

Player A has a bankroll of P5000 and wants to apply the fixed betting strategy for a month. He then opts for a 3 percent flat bet.

By following the formula above, Player A will bet P150 in all of his gambling activities.

Flat bet = P5000 ÷ 0.03

Flat bet = P150

Within the time frame, assume that Player A earned a profit of P1500, meaning his bankroll is now P6500. He can now bet a new amount of P195 (3% of 6500).

Goal of the Strategy

The goal of flat betting can be viewed from two perspectives:

1. Risk Management:

  • Minimize losses: Flat betting’s primary goal is to minimize losses by ensuring a fixed, manageable amount is risked on each bet. This protects your overall bankroll from significant depletion during losing streaks, which are inevitable in any form of gambling.
  • Promote discipline: Flat betting encourages disciplined decision-making by avoiding bet size fluctuations based on emotions like chasing wins or recovering losses. You focus on selecting good bets based on analysis rather than being influenced by past results.

2. Long-Term Profitability:

  • Consistent profit accumulation: While flat betting doesn’t guarantee profits, it allows for gradual accumulation of winnings over time, assuming you have a positive win rate (more winning bets than losing bets). This is because even small wins consistently add to your bankroll while larger losses are prevented.
  • Exploit value over time: Flat betting assumes you have a system or strategy for identifying bets with value (i.e., offering better odds than the actual probability of the outcome). By consistently placing such bets with the same fixed amount, you exploit the value in the long run, even if individual wins are small.

It’s important to remember that flat betting is not a magic formula for guaranteed success. It is a risk management strategy that helps you stay in the game and potentially accumulate profits over a long period. However, it requires discipline, patience, and a good understanding of your chosen betting system or strategy.

How to Properly Apply Flat Betting

OKBet Flat Betting

Like any strategy, the fixed betting strategy follows certain principles. These are:

Consistency in wagering.

Stick with the decided bet amount for a particular period. It is also crucial that for beginners, it is best to wager at most 3 percent.

Always recalculate.

By the time the set duration is up, users of the flat bet strategy have certainly gained profit. With the bankroll updated, recalculation is needed to increase the profit that players might earn.

Choose the right bookie.

It is a common mistake for bettors to ignore comparisons between bookmakers. In most cases, punters are usually disadvantaged compared to bookies (especially since it is business first and foremost and is designed to earn profit for the company). This is why choosing a platform that has minimum commission is important. Remember to only play on reputable platforms and avoid shady sportsbooks offering true-good-to-be-true low commissions.

The number of bets MATTER.

In flat betting, another important factor to consider to gain substantial wins is the number of stakes players place. When there are more bets, the win rate percentage gets lower.

To clear any confusion, imagine this:

A bettor placed ten P100 stakes while having a betting odds of 1.9. Six of those bets won, meaning he earned a profit of 60 percent or P140.

However, another bettor placed the 100 wagers of the same amount and odds. He then won 55 of them. His profit is 55%, but if you look at the actual money, the bettor earned P450, which is P310 more than the bettor who only gambled ten times.

Where to Use Flat Betting?

Flat bets come from online casino games and are primarily utilized in games with a 50/50 bet. In other words, it can be used in sports betting where there is no tie (basketball, tennis, baseball).

In gambling, flat betting can also be used in blackjack and baccarat and is suitable for every type of bettor.

Is it the Best Type of Strategy?

To answer this question is like figuring out what created the galaxy. So, when it comes to flat betting as the best type of strategy, it depends on the players themselves. The best method is the one that aligns with your individual needs and preferences and by picking the right platform to bet on.

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